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The following example requirements must be fulfilled prior to being initiated into Chi Epsilon:

  1. Pay non-refundable, one-time, initiate fee of $115 to the treasurer, Anthony Nguyen, via Venmo (@Anthony-Nguyen-388) by 10/6/2021.
  2. Submit the Initiate Form to the Marshal, Liam Reeve, by 4/10/2022.
  3. Organize a Social before Week 10 of Spring Quarter 2022 (Sociability).
  4. Participate in professional mock interviews on 4/18/2022 (Character).
  5. Complete Pledge & Professor Discussions by 6/3/2022 (Character).
  6. Apply to an internship or job by 6/3/2022 (Practicality).
  7. Build a Chi Epsilon Transit by 6/3/2022 (Practicality).
  8. Apply for a scholarship by 6/3/2022 (Scholarship).
  9. Pass the Initiate Quiz on 6/3/2022 (Scholarship).
  10. Complete all other requirements as listed on the pledgebook
  11. Pledge to be actively involved with and support Chi Epsilon.

A full list of pledge requirements can be found here: UCD Chi Epsilon Pledgebook: Fall 2021

Once all these requirements have been met, you will be considered for initiation (JUNE 3, 2022). YOU MUST ATTEND THE INITIATION CEREMONY TO BECOME A MEMBER.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Marshal, Liam Reeve, at

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